April 27

るんるん Thank you for your comment, Mari chanグッド(上向き矢印)グッド(上向き矢印) I'm sorry, I can't comment on your blog. I don't know whyたらーっ(汗) Sorry. So next time, if you don't mind, please leave your e-mail address with your comment. So I can answer your questions. See you!

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April 26

The April vacation is over. So we need to o back to school. Actually, I missed two days. I went to trip with my host mother and host sister. We had relly good time there. At that place, there are lot of green, so I can feel spring, also there are lot of cherry blossomes! I felt home, you know. Spring = cherry blossomes!るんるん

So I went to school today. Of course I was really tired!! But I was so excited to see my friends. When I went to US History class, Syahnim and Faiyha saw me with smile, and during the break, Alyssa said "Yesterday, I thought I wish you are here!" hehhehehehe I had missed my friends half of the vacation, so I'm so glad to see them!!

I had tennis mach again. Today's mach was awy game. So we left school little earlier, and took sort trip! At that school, there are three AFS excahnge students! I was hoping to see them. After my game. I was looking for the banding machines! (I was hungry!!) I heard music. i know one of them, Tamami is part of the school musical. I thought probably they are practiceing the musical. So I went to there, and asked someone, "Can I see your practice?' She said yes! Why not? So I came in the room silentry. First I found Pat form Thailand, and fond Tamami. Tamami noticed me!! She made big noise!!warai She must be surprisedexclamation×2 And later, Pat noticed me! But they needed to go back practice soon. So I asked Tamami come to the tennis cort soon. She came there maybe 10 minites later. And finally we found my cutie Fabio! No I'm just kidding. But he is so cute!!ハートたち(複数ハート)ー(長音記号1) Tamami always tells me he is mean and jerk. But even if he is, he is still cute!! warai If he was tall, i would fall in love with him! warai (I'm kidding)

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April 8 & 9

Thursday to Today, other school (from NJ) people stayed our town. As i wrote before, they are so bitch!! I didn't host them. But I'm a member ofthe AFS club. So I went to AFS activities!!

We went to national park and small outlet town. I stayed togetger with Syahnim and Emilie. Because we don't want to hang aroung with people from NJ.ダッシュ(走り出すさま) We went to Abercolombie and Fitch and Japanese restaurant!!レストラン At the restaurant, I ordered Nattou Maki. Emilie said it was good. But Syahnim said ".........." warai

And we hung around in the town. I tried a lot of clothes!! But i didn't buy anything. I need to keep money for Prom. If I can't wear Katie's dress, I need to but Prom dress.

Once my school students get together, we said "Peole from NJ is so bitch!! Annoying!!" We know it's not good. But they are bitch! So selfish! And they say like "Oh! I just have 130$ ow." Excuse me? We are living another world. Like opposide world. I don't want to talk to them. karerawo suki tte iuhitomo irundaroukeredo, demo atashiha suki jyanai. hitowo eranndari. sobnnna huunanoha iyadana tte omou. karera to wakareta toki atashi ha good bye mo iwanakatta. demo aa gurai shika omoenai. watashiha bye bye tte iwanakya ikenak tanokana?

I made Norimaki for Emilie's birthday present! I hope she will like these!グッド(上向き矢印)グッド(上向き矢印)
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Tennis Mach

I had first tennis mach today. I was going to be exhibit person. But a girl has took colledge weekend. So I need to play game.テニス Oh my God!! I had been so nurvous since I know I need to play. It's just scramage. It won't count. Everybody told me. BUT I was nurvous.

And it was away game. Also today was pretty windy and cold!!曇り I was freezing!! Come back sunshine!! Waaaaaaa...... Other teams girl was pretty mean. Like I can't do sarve well now. After almost each set they seems like talk about me and my partner. They were pretty good players. So........ Oh God!!

By the way, on the way to tennis cort, we foud our friend Johnny ga police ni tsukamatteta!! warai nanka spead ihann shitamitai!!warai

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Guess whata?? Guess what?

I woke up 8:45 today.時計 Because I don't have school today. Seems like dosen't matter, good start of one day. BUT BUT I have TENNIS PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!テニス Do you know what I mean? I woke up, too late. I suppose to be tennis cort around 9:30!!! I had omly 45 minites!!! I nned to eat breakfast and most wrong thin is I don't have ride today. I needed to walk to the tennis cort! I don't know how long dose it take to walk thereバッド(下向き矢印)バッド(下向き矢印)I called my coarch. BUT when he said "Hello?" I found a big proble,. I can't remember hid last name!!!ダッシュ(走り出すさま) So i said, "He hello. This is Chiggy. A mmber of the girls tennis team......" Of course he said, "What?" So I went same thnig. Finally I understood who called him. I explained what sistustion I'm in. And je tried to teach captain's cell nimber. BUT his computer dosen't work!! Oh God!! So I need to wait captain Kayla is calling me. So I ate breakfast, and wash my face, and drewing my eyeblow....... Yeah kayla called me when I was drewing my right eyblow! She worried about me and tried to teach me other team member's number who can drive. But I said, "if I can be there little late, I'm gona wolk." She asled me, "Are you sure? Are you sure?" Yes, Kayla is really nice person. So I hanged up the phone, and looked up to go bathroom again. Because i still didn't have my left eyeblow. You know what? Behaind me, there was my host brother exclamationwho woke up just now....... Oh God....... as I wrote before, I didn't have my left eyeblow......... ひらめき I run away....... What can I do else when I didn't have my left eyeblow,in front of my host brother? I'm sure he has niticed "She dosen't have left eyeblow, today" OK. I remember i need to tell him where I'm going. So I told him maybe 2 m away from him, "I'm gona tennis practice soon" I'm hoping he forgot what he saw this morning soon as much as he can!!!

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March 27

KANARI stress ga tamatte masu. tte iuka nihonngoga shaberitai!! Recentry when I talk to my Japanese friends, we talked in English. iikoto nano! wakatterukara!! BUT maji stress tamaru!! nihonngo ga koishii. tteiuka konogoro nihonn ni atama tonnderu kigasuru....... konomamajya ikenai. wakatteru yo. konomamajya ikenai. konomamajya dame. shikkari shinakya. shikkari shinakay. sou omottemo tsuite ikenaiino. tsuiteikeruyo watashinara! tte omouno nimo sukoshi tsukarete ru kigasuru. yowane wo hakunoha kyoude owarini surukedo, iwasete kudasai. I'm feeling stress now.

kinou ha ryuugaku seitomodachi no Masao no gakkou no musical ni Syahnim to Syahnim no suport family to issho ni ittekimashita. gohann ogotte itadaite. Musical ha honntoni sugokatta. uchino gakkou to zennzenn chigau!! nannka ne professional nano desu. uchino gakkou mo musical yattari shinainokana?? play no audition ga arunoha shitterunn dakedo...... musical dattara yatte mitai kimo suru. Masao ha oucestra to shite butai no chotto takai tokorode ennsou shitemashita. musical ga owatta ato hanashi kakeni ikimashita. mini kitakotowo seems like yorokonn deru ppokatta desu. actor no nakani ikemenn kunn wo hakken shitakotowo houkoku shitara, "I know him." tte itte tanode, "Tell him I said "you are cuteハートたち(複数ハート)" chann to itte kuretakashira??

konogoro tsukare gimi nanode kyouha Japanese de kani mashita. gakkou no koto de omoni stress desu.

kyoukara tennis practice ga hajimari masu!! kanari tanoshimi dakedo chotto huann desu....... Ali ga racket kashite kureru no de kawanaku te sunndashi! 3 kagetsu shika dekinai node mokuhyouha, surbe wo uteru youni naru!! gannbarimasuyo!!
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March 26

The touch. The Hug. Since I came here, I huged a lot of people. Because the huging each other, touching people, these are American cultures. BUT sometime I feel don't touch me or I son't want to hug with him or her. I told it to my host mother. She said. each peroson has "personal space" The size is dippends on person, Some people's personal size is hudge. Some people's personal size is small. It's really depends on person. And I think, my pesonal space is pretty big. dakara kata dakaretari, slow dance no kuttsuki guaimo, amari sukidenai hitokara kuttsukarerunomo iya. If I feel comfortable to talk with him or her, I don't care if he rt she touch me, or hug me.

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March 24

During the lunch time, I went to AFS club meeting. I realized one important thing. But before I'll write about that, I'm gona write about "What is the AFS club"? AFS club that is one of the my school clubs. I think it's second largst club in the school. Onece a year, we go trip, and make friends, and HAVE FUN! These are purpus of our AFS club, I think.
Anyway what did I realize one important thing today?? Everyone who went to the trip and will host people from NJ, they aren't excited to host!! And me, either. I wish they won't come here....... I know I can't say that. But they are BITCH!! When I ask "Are you excited to host people from NJ?" Almost everyone say "Ahhhhh....... actually, not. They are bitch." ダッシュ(走り出すさま)

And last period which is Photo class, we had band concert. Oh my God!! I had been excited to develop my pictures since this morning!! aaaaaaa, but the concert was OK. Not very good, not very bad. Just OK. Actually I like soprano sax sounds. It's good!

I had one bad news. Yesterday, I sent e-mail for friend who was my classmate in Japan. She told me a bad news. One og our friends, she droped out school. She will go another school. I have knew she wants to drop out the school. We talked a lot about that. Finally she said "i won't drop out the school," I don't know what's happen with her this half year. But since I left Japan, two students already has dropped out the school. She is the third one.

Have a nice weekends! This week, I'm gona stay home and probably bake a lot of things. るんるんグッド(上向き矢印)グッド(上向き矢印)
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March 22

Yesterday, in the morning I asked Mr. Knight "Should i go next AFS club meeting? I won't host anyone." I don't know why. But Mr, Knight suddenly started to say "Your English have inproved a lot!" exclamation I really don't know why he started to say that. But I'm happy to hear that!

During the lunch time, Joe and Merissa called me, And "Could you say something for Merrisa and me?" He? What?? They wants me to say something. Nannka Panda Bear ga doudaka koudaka....... ー(長音記号1) Douyara TV comercial no serihu rashikute, sono serihu ittetru hitoga chuugoku jinn rashiku, atashito accent ga niterurashii...... ??

I took world history test during the study hall. Don't ask me how was it眠い(睡眠) I'm going to retake it.

Recetry I worry about my English skill. I know I improved a lot, if I compeare now and first of the year. But is that enough? I want more time to study English!
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March 21

I went to AFSLegistration day. We went to capital, and met Gavaner, represetive men and women, we went to dissucussion about making laws, etc. Sometimes it was difficult for me. I could understand half of them. I'm going to study English more. because there is a girl who can understand almost everything what's going on during the dissucussion. I've felt shame.

Anyway, in the morning Syahnim and her host father picked me up, and we went to deik's house to pick him up. OK, when we gets his home, what did we see? Guess what?? Deik was wearing the suits!! He looks really nice. But he is getting big, so the suirt was little small for him, and he said "I don't know how to wear this shurts" damonnde ichibann ueno botanha shimerunn dayo tte oshiete agete, chinamini shimete agemashita. Deik ha sugoi ii tomodachi dakara souiu kotoshitemo zennzenn heiki desu. However when we arrived to Larry's house, I met some AFSer. They are wearing jeans!! So you know what?? Deik was standed out a lot today!! warai datte hotonndono koga jeans haitetann damon.

OK. I know it's pretty emberresing thing. But I want to write. Today, everyone said for me "You looks pretty today!" Thanks guys!

ryuugaku sei doushide hanasuno ha honntoni ii oppotunity desu. nannde katte iuto, oo! minna English yappa umaina! atashimo gannbaranya!! tte omouno. 晴れ aseriwo kannjiruno tte koujyoushinn ga agarunoni tsunagaruto omowanai??

We moved the place, and start have fun! But I'm a member of create AFS year Book staff. dakara year book no hanashiai ni sannka shimashita. Labo de tsuchikatta monogotowo saishokara tsukutte iku seishinnha madamada knnzai desuyo!! jikkouiinn toka chou sukidashi!! demo!! charge shitekureru AFS volunteer no hitoga zutto "I'm busy!" "I'm working every weekends!" "I really need you r help!" toka, ittete, So why are you charging Year Book? Why don't you ask someonefor substitute? deshita. karuku she is xxxxx. desu. atoha minnnade prom no hanashi shitari maa iroiro. date wo honnkide sagasanakya. I'm gona ask Joe or Jonny or Deik. I don't want to go prom single. Of course I can go single. But, sekkakudashine! 黒ハート
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