May 25th

I've got my year book! There are some pictures of me! 晴れ

Yesterday's tennis mutch was horrible! i couldn't stand my partner. She is little be better than me. It's good! But it's also a problem! During the mutch, I had keep told her, move up after you served, other girl's surve is not storong, so just move up more, so you can surve more easyier, don't stay bottom line! etc....... But she didn't hear ANYTHING!! She is better than me, so she just thought I'm freeking out!! So eventually, we lost. I really wanted to win this mutch! I cried over. Kayla told me, "It's not big deel.", Ali told me "It's har d to play anybosy with her." however, I really wanted to win that game! I really!!

I developed my pictures bymyself. I mean all of things. Agetaiting, waiting, clarn up...... I did pretty good job!
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AFS Orientation

I went to AFS orientation!! I had really really good time揺れるハート黒ハート You know, know I can speak english, so I can comunicate almost all excahnge students! It was so much fun!! On Friday, i was really hiper!! warai I was keep talking talking talking!! In my cabin, almost girls went to bed 2:00 am.....たらーっ(汗) And i woke up 5:00! Because, my sleep bag is so thin! COLD!! But finally,I went to bed again and fell sleep again!

We had three dissucusion. How was the year? How to say good bye to people who you met here, and how it is going to be after we back to home. The second disucusion was so hard for me. I had tried to not think about leaving here. But it's time to start think about it. During the disscusion, I couldn't help crying. Finally, Flora started crying next to me.

This morning, suddenly I felt "On Septemebr, maybe each of us would standing on the crisis of our lives." Stay high school few more year, go college, come back here......... A lot of choices are waiting for us. And we need make decision what are we going to do. It could be hard for someone, it could be easy for someone. But even if we are in hard time, just remeber everyone (I mean all exchange students) is working on something, and trying to make decisions. So we are not alone or lonely.

And after i back to home, of course I took nap眠い(睡眠), but my host mother woke me up like "You need to do your homework." And now, my US History's final project is almost done!! hehehe But I still have two more final projects!! 手(チョキ)

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May 18th

kyouha AFS orientation no hi desu!! aa maji tanoshimi!!グッド(上向き矢印)グッド(上向き矢印) demo tabunn nihonngo hanasanai nndayone warai takusann shashinn toranakuteha!! dennchi kawanakya!! ato Masao ga Prom no pictures mottekurukara karakatte yarannto! warai ato soudann notte morawanakya!! Masao majidaisuki warai aa! tomodachito shitene!!あせあせ(飛び散る汗) Francesca ga konainoha kanari samishii kedoあせあせ(飛び散る汗) Francesca choooooo kawaiino! nanntatte kotoshino Prom Queen nanndayo!! ashita aruto omowareru talent show deha yukata kirushi! maaaaaaji tanoshimi! demo hitotsu dakle monndai!! Shion mo kurunoyone..... messe de kennka shiteirai, nanndo conttact torouto shitemo hennji naishi, kyoumo zettai shikato sareru to omou がく〜(落胆した顔) atashi mo waruin dakedo sokomade okoraretemo hakkiri itte uzaishi ne...... maa dounika narudarou!! shikato shitakya shiro!! guraina ikioide! betsu ni Shion dake ga tomodachi jya naishine!! demo yappa shikato tte iyadayone....... sareruto maji kanashii shi tokinimukatsuku...... demo tokidoki uchimo shichaunn dayone......

kinouha tennis mutch deshitaga, aite team touchakugo suguni amega huridashi, kekkyoku yaranaktta. demo 1jikann hann chikaku sonoato ameyamu no mattete....... nanndesa!! maa Kayla mama ni sandwitch tsukutte morai, Chelse no sabway wo bite shite, Cortney no clacker moratte tarahuku jyoutai deshita!! soreni shabette runoha tanoshikattashi! kaeru maeni, Chelse to Cortney to Kayla ga dance shihajimete, ballet no jump yattette maji uketashi! warai Kayla no kaoga mou bakushou. isshou wasure raremasenn!! warai
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May 16th

I've got a list of AFS superlatives for AFS yearbook. I am choosed "Most Changed" with Fabio, and "Most English improved" with Masao. ぴかぴか(新しい)Thanks! hehehehe But I don't think I have changing as like that. I mean I have been changing! Of course! But most changed? And Fabio? He has been cute since he came here, and has bigest eyes! But has he changed a lot?? Tamami saaan!ー(長音記号1)

Yesterday, David asked me "Can you translate something for me?" Of course I said yes. But when i was riding the Ali's car, i read it. It was poem. And today, I found out it was wrote by David! He is going to use it for his drewing. He is gona write down that poem in Japanese! It would be fun! exclamation

2 days until I will meet AFS students! Can't wait!
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May 15th

In the US History class, teahcer have gave us final projects. We have 100 list of big events. And I have choosed the Hiroshima + Nagasaki aotmtic bomb. You know it's hard to resurch. Because sometimes, i need to see pictures of victims. It's hard to see. I just started the resurch, and I saw some pictures of victims. It's horrable. Also I read about what was happen on August 6, 1945. It's horrable. Awfule. But that's why I have decided to resurch of this event. I need to tell my classmates that how it was horrable and still now, a lot of people is bothered it.
At that period, I think, whole world thought need to stop the war. But was that right choice? Only in Hiroshima, 66,000 people were killed. I don't think it was right choice. They didn't have to die. They had their lives.

Today is sunny! Really gorgeous day!晴れ I want to play tennis!テニス But my host parents went to picnic, so I don't have ride and maybe almost my frinds are working on their final projects.

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What do you think??

Do you know Mary Kay Letrourneau?? She was a school teacher, and in 1997 she fell in love her student, Vili Fualaau. At that time, Mary kay was 34 and Vili was 13!! I just have knew about them few days ago. It's disgusting!! However it's pretty interesting how they fall in love each other? Would you fall in love a 13 years old boy, if you was 34? Would you fall in love with a 34 years old school teacher, if you were a 13 years boy? It's crazy!!
They have two children and Vili had became their father when he was 14!! Fourteen!! Can't believe. Of course he can't raise them. His Mother had raised them until Mary kay release from prisom.
What do you think about this??

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May 11th

My frind Ian gave me his film's DVD. I saw his film the day brfore April vacation start. It calls "Gatsby" It's short film, but it's really good. Actually, I can't hear what the nalitor saying in the movie. But you know, I can undersatnd wha's going on when I watch it. Anyway, i really love it. So last Monday, I asked him "Can you copy your film for me?" He said yes, and i didn't have to pay. And this morning, during the study hall, he gave me the DVD without case!! warai I laughed. But anyway, just now I saw it again, and it's still good.ハートたち(複数ハート) Also I have been impressed Ian directed that movie. I had taken the Video production last semester, but I almost couldn't do anything. (That's because I didn't know how to describe what I want to make.)

Oh! Today, we bought prom tickets! It's really time to buy. So I had looked for my date whole week. But today, Emilie told me "Your date already bouth the tickets!" "What?" without say anything for me?? So I paid back to him half of the tickets price. And said "Thank you!" with smile! 晴れ

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May 9

Why am I feeling like this?? I know I don't have enough time, and I know it's almost impossible. But I can'r help it.

Hey Mugiko......... You know what I'm talking about. I told you I'm kind of sick about those things. Today, when I meet him at cafeteria during period 6. We started walk together. tokimeiteta. During the tennis practice, hen I found him in front of the tennis cort I thought "Please stay there until my practice done." and hoped can talk to him a little.
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May 3rd

Today is raining!!!!!雨 Oh my God! Rain makes my hair too big. And what a hell! Before i left home, my hair was straight and seems OK. BUT when I get school, my hair was already hudge.....ダッシュ(走り出すさま)

At the advisey time, we had guest speaker and they told us about after the graduation. A lot of students are going to leave state. But most of them have been grewing up this small town. So sometimes, they'll get problems, feel lonery...... Also in America, 80% people change their major during the college years. Anyway, teachers worry about us.

At the school meating, all seniors has got a yeallow seat and need to write where are we going next year. College? Army? Work? But I'm gona back to my HIGH SCHOOL!! It made me mad.

To. Mugiko chan
What's happen?? Are you OK?? Did your cutie did something bad for you??
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Fire, Prom, Tennis muach

Oh my God!! During the last period, I was ready to get out class, so I think it was almost end of the class. The fire ring was rang!! But my school often do fire practice, so I thought "Again?" Anyway, I get out the school, and went to back field. BUT on the way to back field, I heared "It's real fire!" WHAT!? yeah, at the second flore's boys bathroom on the fire!!!!!あせあせ(飛び散る汗) gyaa!! I was pretty apset!! And I left my purse in the class room, and my all text book and notebook and tennis staff were still in the lockera!! So when I talked to friends, I asked them "Can I go back in the school? My all money and card are in my purse!!ダッシュ(走り出すさま)" "No! You can't!!" and everyone laughed at me........ kekkyoku boya dattakara card mo okane mo buji deshitaわーい(嬉しい顔) I was really upset! Because if i lost my money, I can't get prom ticket!!
I've got Prom date before the vacation. He is a nice guy, smar and athletic guy! Anyway, I had been afraid if he said, "Sorry I can't go with you. I have........" If he said, what should i do!? And I couldn't believe he said yes. (I mean to go prom with me) BUt the ticket due is soon, so I need to figure out!! So at the back field, I asked him and figured out!! Finally, I will pay half of the ticlket, and we will go dinner before the prom and I told him my dress color, so it will much with my dress. kinnchou shita!!!!!exclamation×2 By the way, my friend talked to him today, and she told me he said "It will be fun,. maybe.'' yokatta!!

Today's tennis mutch, I was an exhibition. But I played as singles!! I've never played singles before! But I ad fun and really good time!! But it is a lot of work!! I'm tired! But feeling so good! And my girl was seems like pretty nice girl! She said "I love your nail! pretty!" ハートたち(複数ハート)
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