Fire, Prom, Tennis muach

Oh my God!! During the last period, I was ready to get out class, so I think it was almost end of the class. The fire ring was rang!! But my school often do fire practice, so I thought "Again?" Anyway, I get out the school, and went to back field. BUT on the way to back field, I heared "It's real fire!" WHAT!? yeah, at the second flore's boys bathroom on the fire!!!!!あせあせ(飛び散る汗) gyaa!! I was pretty apset!! And I left my purse in the class room, and my all text book and notebook and tennis staff were still in the lockera!! So when I talked to friends, I asked them "Can I go back in the school? My all money and card are in my purse!!ダッシュ(走り出すさま)" "No! You can't!!" and everyone laughed at me........ kekkyoku boya dattakara card mo okane mo buji deshitaわーい(嬉しい顔) I was really upset! Because if i lost my money, I can't get prom ticket!!
I've got Prom date before the vacation. He is a nice guy, smar and athletic guy! Anyway, I had been afraid if he said, "Sorry I can't go with you. I have........" If he said, what should i do!? And I couldn't believe he said yes. (I mean to go prom with me) BUt the ticket due is soon, so I need to figure out!! So at the back field, I asked him and figured out!! Finally, I will pay half of the ticlket, and we will go dinner before the prom and I told him my dress color, so it will much with my dress. kinnchou shita!!!!!exclamation×2 By the way, my friend talked to him today, and she told me he said "It will be fun,. maybe.'' yokatta!!

Today's tennis mutch, I was an exhibition. But I played as singles!! I've never played singles before! But I ad fun and really good time!! But it is a lot of work!! I'm tired! But feeling so good! And my girl was seems like pretty nice girl! She said "I love your nail! pretty!" ハートたち(複数ハート)
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April 27

るんるん Thank you for your comment, Mari chanグッド(上向き矢印)グッド(上向き矢印) I'm sorry, I can't comment on your blog. I don't know whyたらーっ(汗) Sorry. So next time, if you don't mind, please leave your e-mail address with your comment. So I can answer your questions. See you!

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April 26

The April vacation is over. So we need to o back to school. Actually, I missed two days. I went to trip with my host mother and host sister. We had relly good time there. At that place, there are lot of green, so I can feel spring, also there are lot of cherry blossomes! I felt home, you know. Spring = cherry blossomes!るんるん

So I went to school today. Of course I was really tired!! But I was so excited to see my friends. When I went to US History class, Syahnim and Faiyha saw me with smile, and during the break, Alyssa said "Yesterday, I thought I wish you are here!" hehhehehehe I had missed my friends half of the vacation, so I'm so glad to see them!!

I had tennis mach again. Today's mach was awy game. So we left school little earlier, and took sort trip! At that school, there are three AFS excahnge students! I was hoping to see them. After my game. I was looking for the banding machines! (I was hungry!!) I heard music. i know one of them, Tamami is part of the school musical. I thought probably they are practiceing the musical. So I went to there, and asked someone, "Can I see your practice?' She said yes! Why not? So I came in the room silentry. First I found Pat form Thailand, and fond Tamami. Tamami noticed me!! She made big noise!!warai She must be surprisedexclamation×2 And later, Pat noticed me! But they needed to go back practice soon. So I asked Tamami come to the tennis cort soon. She came there maybe 10 minites later. And finally we found my cutie Fabio! No I'm just kidding. But he is so cute!!ハートたち(複数ハート)ー(長音記号1) Tamami always tells me he is mean and jerk. But even if he is, he is still cute!! warai If he was tall, i would fall in love with him! warai (I'm kidding)

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April 8 & 9

Thursday to Today, other school (from NJ) people stayed our town. As i wrote before, they are so bitch!! I didn't host them. But I'm a member ofthe AFS club. So I went to AFS activities!!

We went to national park and small outlet town. I stayed togetger with Syahnim and Emilie. Because we don't want to hang aroung with people from NJ.ダッシュ(走り出すさま) We went to Abercolombie and Fitch and Japanese restaurant!!レストラン At the restaurant, I ordered Nattou Maki. Emilie said it was good. But Syahnim said ".........." warai

And we hung around in the town. I tried a lot of clothes!! But i didn't buy anything. I need to keep money for Prom. If I can't wear Katie's dress, I need to but Prom dress.

Once my school students get together, we said "Peole from NJ is so bitch!! Annoying!!" We know it's not good. But they are bitch! So selfish! And they say like "Oh! I just have 130$ ow." Excuse me? We are living another world. Like opposide world. I don't want to talk to them. karerawo suki tte iuhitomo irundaroukeredo, demo atashiha suki jyanai. hitowo eranndari. sobnnna huunanoha iyadana tte omou. karera to wakareta toki atashi ha good bye mo iwanakatta. demo aa gurai shika omoenai. watashiha bye bye tte iwanakya ikenak tanokana?

I made Norimaki for Emilie's birthday present! I hope she will like these!グッド(上向き矢印)グッド(上向き矢印)
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Tennis Mach

I had first tennis mach today. I was going to be exhibit person. But a girl has took colledge weekend. So I need to play game.テニス Oh my God!! I had been so nurvous since I know I need to play. It's just scramage. It won't count. Everybody told me. BUT I was nurvous.

And it was away game. Also today was pretty windy and cold!!曇り I was freezing!! Come back sunshine!! Waaaaaaa...... Other teams girl was pretty mean. Like I can't do sarve well now. After almost each set they seems like talk about me and my partner. They were pretty good players. So........ Oh God!!

By the way, on the way to tennis cort, we foud our friend Johnny ga police ni tsukamatteta!! warai nanka spead ihann shitamitai!!warai

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